slope : intercept

A ramp is a machine. It is Galileo’s “inclined plane”—an elegance of physics that alters the behavior of force across a surface. It transforms the possibilities of load bearing by its degrees of slope.

The ancients knew, of course, about this quality, and used its mechanics to build fortresses—and quite possibly the pyramids. But it was Galileo who codified its predictable mathematics, classifying it as one of his six simple machines. Along with the lever, the pulley, the screw, the wedge, and the wheel-and-axle, an inclined plane forms an elemental grammar of machinic work in the built environment. Pressed into the service of modern labor, those machines make the complex industrial modes of manufacturing that have so powerfully structured our lives.

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ramps_stacked_reid_standing_WEB michael_rolling_flopped




ramp_davis_three_adjusting_WEB steve_grind_across_WEB ramp_davis_sarastave_moving_WEB ramp_davis_single_step_WEB ramp_davis_walker_WEB


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