getting up

A graffitied wall reaing "Tempt"in pinks, reds, and blues— the name of the graffiti artist who is the subject of the film.

Tomorrow night, I’ll be a panelist for a screening and discussion of Getting Up, one of the films being shown at the ReelAbilities festival here in Boston. The film covers the story of Tempt One, a graffiti artist in LA who is diagnosed with ALS; he goes on to co-develop The Eyewriter technology. This project has gotten lots of press; it’s great to see the film walk us through the whole story of Tempt himself, how many collaborators joined this projects, their trial-and-error process, and the community of Tempt’s family and friends along the way. Details here, and below is the trailer:

2 thoughts on “getting up

  1. This is so awesome. I love (love, love) graffiti and really wish I could be at this screening.

    (Are you familiar with the work of Brazilian graffiti artists? If not, remind me to send you some links.)

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