3D printing inside the ear canal


From Wired Design:

Lantos Technologies, a small startup spun out of MIT, has created the first FDA-cleared digital ear-canal scanner. While that may seem wildly specific, and maybe a little gross, it could dramatically improve your grandfather’s hearing aid, Lady Gaga’s in-ear monitor, and mission-critical communication devices used by the military.

The Lantos 3-D Ear Canal Scanner should be rolling out to audiologists by the end of the year and brings much-needed innovation to the 36 million Americans who suffer from hearing problems and spend $6 billion dollars on hearing aids annually.


“The current technology used in hearing aids is great, but we’re using 1950s technology for the molds,’ says Dr. Richard Kanor, a Brooklyn-based audiologist with over 30 years of experience. ‘The holy grail has always been a more accurate, faster 3-D representation of the ear canal.'”

See and/or hear the video for a more detailed explanation. And more at Wired.

One thought on “3D printing inside the ear canal

  1. There is now coming an easier and smarter better way to scan the ear canal in a direct way. Juat use a camera /video otoscope) and capture images and convert them with a 3D program to 3D model of the ear canal. Nothing else will be introduce into the ear canal, like a balloon or a using laser.

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