ana rajcevic’s “other side of evolution”

Ana Rajcevic’s collection, ANIMAL: The Other Side of Evolution, proposes a set of wearables that explore “animal anatomy, building upon existing skeleton structures to create a series of sculptural pieces that appear as natural properties of the human body.”

A woman's head is adorned with a sculptural covering resembling a fish's tail or a manta ray.

A woman wears a piece of "chin jewelry": a bone-white form that grasps her jaw and has a long horn-like protrusion from the chin.

Another horn-like protrusion from a jaw-wrapping sculpture, with the horn from the chin circling back up in front the face, ending at the crown of the head.

Part hat, part sculpture. A woman wears an adornment that perches at the bridge of the nose and wraps up and around the head like a horn, ending in a narrow tail at the back of the skull.

Made of gelcoat, fiberglass, resin and silicone rubber, the suite of works form “a collection of 8 pieces of personal adornment that would not be specifically categorised as jewellery or accessories. The idea was to step out of the traditional jewellery/accessories context in order to develop a ‘new breed’ of precious objects that can be exhibited both separately on their own and fully attached to the human body.” More at Ana’s web site.

via @doingitwrong and @slowdecade.

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