signage/wheelchair (ongoing series)



I rarely see this second image in use, but I was gratified to see it near the entrances and restrooms at MOMA when I visited this summer.

03/28/10: Found the newer image in use at Marshalls, in a shopping plaza here in Cambridge. Bargain-basement prices AND evolved design sense:


4 thoughts on “signage/wheelchair (ongoing series)

  1. Right. This is a great idea. I suggest a tagging run of these. We create the signage and “replace” old signs.

    I think there should be a unique sign for wheelchair parking though. One that signifies the unique situation of having a “disabled” driver. I’ll start doing parking lots once you get a good design Sara!

    What would be best is an “overlay” design, that makes use of the passive wheelchair image but makes it active. Something like (but not like) a steering wheel placed in front of the arms of the figure.

    You know, like this: http://www.collegehumor.com/picture:1928910?ref=chz

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